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Reduce wasted visits and optimize provider schedules through surgical triage

Take back power over referrals.

Save time, increase revenue, and accelerate patient care.

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Patient Intake

Because patients, staff, and providers deserve better.

Say goodbye to your fax machine and time-consuming manual data entry. Titan Intake captures 100% of incoming referrals, automatically extracts all relevant PHI, and integrates directly into your EMR, all without asking the referring providers to change a single thing.

See the Impact

Titan Intake benefits your staff, providers, patients, and referring physicians.

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Streamline workflow

By fully digitizing the referral workflow, you empower all stakeholders to instantly access what they need. Titan's digital referral intake prevents loss and prioritizes urgent referrals.

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Keep your patients in the loop

By automatically texting patients when their referral is received, your clinic stands out, builds trust, and  provides a sense of comfort that’s critical to improving health outcomes and reducing no shows.

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Process referrals faster

With all relevant data instantly pulled and organized, referral intake teams can process documents 4X faster. Expediting this workflow means reducing backlog, reaching patients faster, and booking more appointments.

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Make well informed decisions

With real-time referral data, leadership can make informed decisions for increased practice revenue. Titan's dashboard insights on referral patterns enable swift, on-target decision-making for clinics.

Discover the

ROI Calculator

The referral to appointment ratio is critical to your business. Titan Intake helps drive more referrals and a higher conversion rate. In addition to saving precious time, use our calculator to discover the revenue impact of referral automation.

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Titan Intake's referral solutions has not only helped eliminate headaches, but has also allowed us to gain multiple features that we never had before. Their ability for real time communication to not only the patient, but the referring offices is priceless. Real-time data helps us efficiently determine volumes and referral turnaround time. Using this product allowed us to move from multiple platforms to one referral management platform.

Keena Kowis

Urologic Specialists

Using the Titan Intake referral system has resulted in scheduling patient's appointments faster. With the automated text patients receive, they are expecting our call, and many appointments are made on the first attempt to contact the patient. With Titan it has made the job of scheduling referrals so much easier and less time consuming. 

Jatonne Tush

Stillwater Medical

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Take back power over referrals.

Save time, increase revenue, and accelerate patient care.

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