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What We Do

Titan helps your clinic staff spend more time with patients and less time dealing with referral systems that don't communicate.  

Titan's software takes an incoming referral and reads, organizes, and transfers all important information directly into your clinic’s electronic health record and appointment system.


Specialty clinics lose approximately 15% of referred patients due to slow and inefficient processing. Patient referrals, which contain hundreds of pages of "faxed" complex medical records, require hours if not days to manually sort, read, organize, and process. The turnaround times for these referrals are critical for clinics because patients often choose the provider that can get them an appointment the quickest.



Save Time

Clinic staff spend hours of every day processing patient referrals. Titan automates this process, freeing staff to engage in more critical tasks.

Increase Revenue

Patients often choose the clinic that contacts them first. Titan's referral automation captures net new patients, bringing in an additional $8.5 million in revenue for the average clinic.

Improve Patient Care

Time is precious for patients and clinics. The longer a patient waits for treatment, the worse their condition can become. With Titan, patients receive care quicker.


Check out how accurately and easily Titan can extract information from patient referrals!

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