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The problem:

Specialty clinics


patients due to slow and inefficient processing

Our solution

Titan automatically captures  


of incoming referrals, extracting critical information to close the loop between referring providers and patients so you can make the best possible decisions for your clinic.

Doctor Checking a Form

The value

back-in-time (1).png
Save Time

Clinic staff spend hours of every day processing patient referrals. With Titan Intake referral processing is 3X faster, freeing staff to engage in more critical tasks.

Increase Revenue

Patients often choose the clinic that contacts them first. By speeding up patient intake you improve your referral to appointment ratio, bringing in additional revenue for your clinic.

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Improve Patient Care

Excellent care starts with the referral process. Time is precious and a backlog of referrals results in worse care. Patients shouldn't be waiting in the dark.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Our Technology

Sort, read, organize, and process Instantly.



Without asking your referring providers to change a thing, Titan Intake intercepts 100% of referrals and creates a searchable repository. Need to find referrals with a certain insurance? Diagnosis? Referring provider? Find it instantly. No more shuffling through a filing cabinet or disorganized e-fax folder.



Instantly give patients a great experience and improve relationships with referring providers, all with zero effort. Titan Intake lets patients know when their referral is received so they aren't waiting in the dark and keeps referring providers in the loop during the patient journey.



Manual data entry, like your fax machine, should be a thing of the past. In less than 60 seconds, Titan intercepts incoming referrals and automatically extracts demographics, diagnoses, medications, and lab reports. With EMR integration, Titan seamlessly updates an existing record or creates a new record.



Access real-time referral data so you can make the best possible decisions. Titan Intake allows you to track critical information such as referral volume, sources, and patterns over time. What gets measured gets managed and our dashboard helps you understand your team's efficiency. 

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Don't see your EMR?

See the Titan difference

Watch this short demo to see how Titan Intake streamlines the patient intake process.

Want to learn more? Schedule a demo to see how Titan Demo can transform your clinics referral processing.

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